NAACP Slams Fox News Attack on Obama 1st April 2012

Watch Online NAACP Slams Fox News Attack on Obama For Praising Pioneering Black Professor Derrick Bell Latest News Updates on Forex, Economy, Business, Gold, Silver and Forex Stock Market
The NAACP's Benjamin Jealous responds to recent attacks on the late Derrick Bell, the first tenured African-American professor at Harvard Law School. Fox News host Sean Hannity played a video showing then-student Barack Obama hugging Bell during a protest over Harvard's failure to hire minority faculty. Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Hannity's program called Bell a "radical college racist professor." "I think, quite frankly, Sean Hannity was afraid to talk to Derrick Bell directly. Because this [video] has been out there for years," Jealous says. "If he had, he would have encountered somebody of tremendous compassion, of tremendous intelligence and of tremendous patriotism."